Should I Tip the Wedding DJ or Supplier?

After reading an interesting article about to Tip a Wedding DJ, via a twitter link, I thought I would share my own thoughts and feelings.

There are multiple factors you need to consider when deciding to tip any wedding DJ or supplier, and if so, how much. You may feel that you should not have to, and of course, not obliged too.

Importantly, wedding DJ’s or suppliers can be very expensive and therefore they should never assume a tip, without working for it.

Secondly, your wedding DJ or supplier should always appreciated a tip as gift earned, regardless of the amount.

 If you are considering tipping any wedding supplier then here are things to consider.


In our opinion, the work for any wedding DJ or supplier starts from that initial inquiry, whether it be an email, phone call, or message to enquire about their services.

Any wedding supplier should always reply to your message or call promptly, even a quick text or email to arrange a convenient time for both parties.

The only time you should not expect and immediate reply, is either outside their detailed working hours, or while they could be at an event. Would you want your Wedding DJ or supplier on their phone while at your event?
We believe any Wedding DJ or supplier must always arrive to every scheduled meeting and even more if you require them. They should always make contact prior to any arranged meeting to ensure it is still convenient and confirm the place and time.

The supplier should never arrive late, unless they have a reasonable reason. Lateness due to traffic or “running behind” shows poor time management skills and preparation. Blu Ice Roadshow always ensure they arrive well before the clients, to prepare for the meeting.


Organising a wedding can take, months, even years for some people, and requires a tremendous amount of work.

It is important that any supplier is well organised. A well-organised supplier can help reduce any stress, concerns, and workload of any wedding couple, and in turn creates a strong, confident, trusting bond between supplier and client.

If any supplier is disorganised, they can have a negative effect on the wedding couple, and in turn create more stress. If this is the case, the supplier certainly does not warrant a tip.


When a wedding DJ, or supplier, does their upmost to provide the best-personalised service possible. They normally incur an additional financial expense.

Normally a contract, or order, is already agreed and many Wedding DJ’s or suppliers therefore avoid passing this additional expense onto their clients.

Unless there is a significant change to the original contract, or considerable financial expense, the supplier to pass on this expense is not professional.

Personalised Service

Any Wedding DJ or supplier should always personalise his or her service to the specific taste of each, and every, client.

A personalised service requires additional, time, effort, planning, and energy. This could be good grounds for the supplier receiving a tip.

If your wedding supplier is simply just going through the ‘norms’ then this should also be reflected in any tip amount.

Wedding Etiquette

Personalised, wedding DJ or supplier, services are important in any wedding, however important that correct wedding etiquette is adhered too and respected.

With this in mind, not only highly professional, but also important that your Wedding DJ, or supplier, complies with your wedding service requirements.

If you feel your supplier is not taking your wedding then DO NOT tip them at all!


When a wedding couple hire a wedding DJ or supplier, they are in fact hiring that person or team. They have decided to hire that supplier because they like their personality and vibe.

A wedding couple hire that specific DJ, as they know they can trust them. The couple are not hiring a set playlist or computer.

It is easy to connect a device to speakers and play music all night, but interacting with the crowd is an acquired skill.

However, the DJ is not just there to play music all through the night. They are there to help with the master of ceremonies and interact with the crowd in a fun engaging way.

This is an important factor when considering if to offer a tip.

Time Spent Planning

Each individual wedding requires different amounts of time spent planning. Some wedding couples are chose not to spend much time planning with their Wedding DJ, or supplier. However, others chose multiple meetings.

Every supplier should offer at least one or two consultations, either by phone or in person. Some couples require further guidance and support, and therefore benefit from multiple consultations.

If the wedding DJ or supplier is willing to spend the extra time, planning and helping the couple, this aids to the personalised service and a tip should be a reflection of their outstanding service.


In this current time every supplier; service and store are all looking for reviews from clients. This can be a very demanding time and therefore reviews can be challenging to obtain.

However, reviews can be hard to come by but also important to take time to read. These reviews are one of the best resources to use when determine which suppliers you short-list to hire.

These reviews set expectations for your supplier and acknowledge their hard work at previous weddings or event. Reading reviews establishes a great understanding when deciding to tip the supplier.

The Suppliers Appreciation

The supplier should consider any tip given to be very generous and unexpected.

The supplier’s facial expression can show the true appreciation in the gift of a tip. If your supplier is grateful for the honour of being part of your day, then any received tip will be greatly appreciated.

Furthermore, any supplier that takes for granted the opportunity of supplying services at your wedding might well expect a tip and not truly appreciate the gesture.

The Tip

It can be hard for a couple to decide what to ‘tip’ the Wedding DJ or supplier. Some feel that a financial tip is deserved others feel a simple Thank you card is enough.

We believe the best way for you to tip us for our services, is to tell your family and friends, share you wedding day experiences in wedding groups and chats and tell your venue coordinator how brilliant the suppliers were.

The most important tip, take the time to review your wedding DJ or supplier. We understand this can be time consuming, but are truly grateful for all the reviews we receive.

So What's The Conclusion?.....

The two main important questions when deciding, if and what, to tip your Wedding DJ or supplier are:

“Would I recommend their services to family, friends, and others looking for a similar service?”

“Would I rate my experience as Outstanding, highly professional and exceptional personalised serve?”

If you feel that the supplier exceed your expectations and agree to the questions above, then in our eyes, they truly deserve a tip.

What you decided to tip them is at your discretion.

However, a well written five star review would leave any supplier truly grateful, but a small box of chocolates to accompany a review is more than enough in our opinion.

If you are still looking for a Wedding DJ, head over to our Wedding DJ Packages for more info.