Wedding Show and Fayre's.

Firstly congratulations on your engagement! This where the fun now begins......

The father’s approval has been given (I am an old traditionalist) and the question has been popped; now it’s time to knuckle down and start the planning.

There are so many things to consider, from the Wedding DJ, to Venues, from the florist to the cake maker. Hang on…what about ‘The Dress‘, bridesmaid’s dresses and the groom and the suits. This list never seems to stop.

But slow down…. grab a coffee, pen and paper and hear what I’m about to tell you about wedding shows or fayres (which ever terminology you prefer to use).


Eyes staring from all over the room......

Now wedding shows can be daughting at first, various different suppliers all gazing in your direction, the feeling like they may pounce on you when you head their direction.

Now with any show or Fayre, you may encounter some suppliers who are forward in their approach. Do not be put off by these suppliers, not all suppliers are that way inclined. Most suppliers just simply want to talk. They want to hear your visions, ideas and your planning progress.

So these wedding suppliers...?

Supplier’s, like myself, just want to tell you about how we can help. We like to tell you about our services and products help share ideas and brainstorm together. Most suppliers are happy to stand and talk to you for as long as you like, and help to suggest what may, or may not, work.

Venues will encourage you to go and view them. This is a great idea; you can see for yourself how your ideas and visions can come alive and get a feel for the place.

The Florists will help to show you an array of arrangements, what colour shades work well, what flowers go together and even what fragrance they give off. There is so much to be said for real flowers.

Dressmakers will help you find that perfect dress, which will not only bring the groom to tears but also your family, as you walk down the aisle as your glow in your element.

The Wedding Cake… there are stunning cake designers out there! Some outstanding creativity and perfection to create a beautiful looking, and tasting, wedding cake that your entire guest will enjoy.

Let’s not forget the entertainment…!

There are bands and DJ’s, who all are unique in the service they provide. Some have White LED Dance Floors, 4ft Letters, White LED Backdrops, and even special effects!

The list of supplier categories are endless.

Now here's an inside tip.....

Wedding shows are great place to grab ideas, meet suppliers and get to know what available, all to help your planning process.

Most suppliers will offer a discount if you book on the day, or even later that evening. Some may even extend this discount for 7 days, as long as you make contact with them the evening after the show, and interested in booking with them.

Discounts can range from free services, to 20% discount or even more. At some of the bigger shows, there are competitions to enter. You may even win a Wedding DJ package!

Some wedding shows are two-day events. This will mean you may have a little longer to think about some of the offers you saw. Make use of that time and do your research on the suppliers. Look at reviews and feedback, as this will give you a good idea of what to expect, check out their website and social media pages.

Don't Miss Out!!

Remember if your still within the discount period don’t hesitate to book!

Some suppliers have limited availability, and offer low deposit rates. You do not want to miss out on booking your first choice supplier and then feel like you’re settling for second best. Some suppliers are booked years in advance, but make sure you make the most of any offers.

Not Quite my Cuppa Tea....

Suppliers wont be offended if your not interested, just simply be polite and decline their approach. They will respect your decision and leave you to carry out the rest of your day.


Hopefully you have enjoyed reading the article. If you wish to hear more about us come and visit us.

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