Venue Lighting

Venue lighting, also known as mood lighting, is popular service asked for by most of our clients.

Lighting helps set the stage for your wedding. People’s mood, attitude and even confidence can be affected simply by how a room is lit. Lighting helps to create prefect atmosphere for your wedding day or event.

Our LED venue lighting gives a powerful output of light and paints the walls with colour. Our venue lighting can be programmed to a static colour of your choice, or even fade into various colours. As the lights are LED they require less power and therefore do not get hot, unlike other lights.

The use of different colours and levels of brightness, really helps to transform the venue and helps to create that relaxed, party atmosphere. Venue lighting can also help to enhance the venues architecture and beauty, highlighting the class to your  Wedding or Event.

As with all the services we offer, we will ensure we arrive at your venue with adequate time, to allow us to have all our equipment ready and lights programmed to your requirements, all before your guests arrive.

We are able to offer Venue Lighting with our Wedding DJ and Event DJ packages.

We can still offer out Venue lighting if your DJ comes as part of a package deal. Contact us for further information.

Our Venue Lighting looks great when accompanied with our Light up letters!